Web Stores

We offer online web stores through the different eGalaxy ecommerce solutions. Seamlessly integrated and customizable, eGalaxy Web Store integrates with Galaxy Revenue Management, Admission Control, Order Entry and membership to provide complete online sales experiences.

Consumer Web Store, seamlessly integrates with the Galaxy solution to expand your sales capabilities to multiple sales channels while keeping online, in-person, and over the phone orders all in one place. With the eGalaxy Web Store, you can customize your online storefront with eye-catching designs that match you branding and add different ticket and product offerings from your venue. With the eGalaxy Web Store, you can:

- Increase revenue with online sales channels—do business however you want. The Web Store automatically imports your online orders to Galaxy.

- Manage the Web Store from Galaxy—work more efficiently by managing products, delivery methods, taxes, and fulfillment from within Galaxy.

- Personalize every guest experience—connect directly to Galaxy for real-time events and capacity-managed sales. Guests can easily renew passes online or update their contact information.

- Offer secure and convenient payments—take payments on your Web Store with credit card processing, accepting all major cards and carriers with flexible payment processors.

eGalaxy Group Sales, also known as Group Sales on the eGalaxy Web Store, allows customers like corporate partners, schools, and sports teams to make purchases online at an agreed-upon rate. This boosts sales and adds value for customer groups by allowing them to book visits online at their convenience, rather than calling the contact center during business hours.

With eGalaxy Group Sales, corporations can allow their employees to purchase discounted tickets for themselves and their families, and teachers or coaches can purchase tickets for group excursions online using their organization’s line of credit.

The eGalaxy Reseller Web Store makes it easier than ever to offer tickets through your partner organizations. With the Reseller Web Store, you can eliminate pre-printed tickets, generate print-on-demand tickets for customers, and record and report on sales in real time. These features and more help eliminate the inherent risks with pre-printed tickets. This feature eliminates the costs, labor, and inherent risks associated with printing tickets for a partner at the beginning of a season and reconciling them at the end of the season.

The eGalaxy Reseller Web Store enables each partner organization, or reseller, to manage their own Reseller Web Store at every step in the process–from configuring users to setting prices and return policies. In turn, this enables you to be more flexible with your ticket offers and the prices of those tickets.

The eGalaxy Reseller Web Store is ideal for resellers such as hotels, grocery stores, military bases, and travel agencies.