Reporting and Business Intellegence

TAKE YOUR REPORTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL With our Reporting Plus | Powered by Galaxy solution, have all the reports you need at your fingertips – on-site or online. Track sales by order. See the impact of promotions on revenue. Compare issued tickets vs. used tickets on your daily attendance reports and so much more.

Reporting Plus captures all your transactional data from point-of-sale, membership and admission control. From there, access a suite of standard reports from your desktop or mobile device. This solution also simplifies the development of custom reports.

Extract your reports in a wide range of formats and even automate report delivery to key team members.

Get actionable data into the hands of every department:

- Finance – accurate reports through chart of accounts; data can be imported into industry-standard accounting and reporting software.

- Visitor/guest services – details on sales, attendance and new members/passholders.

- Operations team – produce detailed shift reports; detect fraud through tools such as void reports.

- Marketing – demographic reports through zip code; consolidated survey reports; usage of promotions.

Through a partnership with NetServ Applications, you can leverage powerful BI tools to further your business objectives. The preconfigured reporting portal runs off the Reporting Plus data mart and offers:

- A user friendly experience.

- Larger library of available reports

- Mobile viewing

- Secure administrative control

- Ability to include data from other applications

- Custom report creation