Galaxy Point of Sales

Sell tickets on-site, online, or whereever your customer are. A ticketing system is central to everything that you do. It symbolizes the beginning of your guest experience. And, consequently, it is a significant source of your revenue. Having a ticketing solution that provides multiple ways for your customers to buy their tickets can dramatically increase your sales. Galaxy POS Solutions unifying your point-of-sale systems (ticketing, food and beverage, and retail), you’ll experience numerous operational advantages.

A single, integrated point-of-sale system that is high-speed, reliable and flexible.

Simple interface – a full-color graphical menu makes it easy to quickly add tickets and items to an order including customization of menu.

Gain visibility into per-capita spending – track guest spending from ticketing to food sales and retail purchases.

Flexible price scheduling – set up and manage your product prices based on day and time.

Combination tickets – guests can enjoy the convenience of one ticket that provides their admittance, a meal and even a special souvenir.

Easier staff training – when employees only have to learn one point-of-sale system, they can easily move around your facility to meet guest demand.