Elevate Your Membership Experience. The Online Member Portal lets guests manage their membership accounts through a one-stop-shop online, and lets you target your members with key marketing messages. The Online Member Portal offers the following competitive features:

- Passholders can redeem entitlements, like meal vouchers or event tickets, and add new entitlements onto their pass to avoid having to carry around a separate piece of media.

- There is no need to print or carry a pass card. Passholders can retrieve and display their pass from their phone for admission or download their pass to their Apple Wallet.

- Each page of the Online Member Portal can display custom HTML and content, so customers can create personalized, on-brand pages for their passholders.

- Redemption of member benefits – their one card can hold all of their entitlements for use at the front gate, retail shops, and/or your food and beverage facilities

- Passholders can claim deferred pass benefits through the Online Member Portal, thus reducing the need for staff at Member Services.