Admission Control

Quickly and seculy admit your guests with an integrated admission control system. Admission control at your venue serves multiple purposes. When designed properly, it provides a welcoming, efficient and secure way of admitting guests to your venue and sets a positive tone for the rest of their visit. Our solution validates and collects usage information in real-time from any of your admission-controlled entrance and exit points for tickets, annual passes and memberships.

Fast ticket validation – view valid and invalid messages, identify usage information, and, for passholders or members, quickly confirm their identity. With Photo ID, you can take guest photos and associate them with tickets, passes and membership cards and then validate at admission control.

Real-time capacity – easily compare revenue collected from ticket sales with revenue earned from ticket usage.

Restricted entry or exit access points – set up your venue to allow or deny admission to distinct areas of your facility.

Integrated RFID technology – configure this technology with other resources such as lockers where guests can secure their valuables.

Our admission control solution is compatible with all major turnstile manufacturers and uses standard PC architecture. It supports a variety of software and associated peripherals including contact-free readers and RFID. such as turnstiles, mobile scanners, handheld devices, handicap accessible gates and parking gates.

Real-time reporting and management tools for accurate validation reporting including entries, re-entries, crossover and exits and use the data to calculate dwell times.